I lost the mood: MEN THE VICTIMS – Shaddad al Musalmy

A healthy start for myself. Healthy spanish omlette, boiled baby carrots, steamed potato, brown buttered bread and ginger flavored milk tea is set on the table today. Sitting besides me, I immediately praise her for the effort because if I do not do so, then she will feel offended. “Nice breakfast with a pretty lady on my side.” she smiles and her smile has always made my days. As I drive to work, I think about her. I always do. I may be busy but one thing I know is that she occupies my mind. “Reached safe and I love you” is what I have texted her every single working day of my life ever since we married. I hope I never stop doing that because not only does it make her feel good but it also makes me feel that someone special out there cares about my well being. Fifty minutes before I leave for work to go to the gym, I call her, just to check on her and there she goes… “Love….” Whenever she calls me, there is something next. “Tell me my love” I do say ” What time are you coming because I would love us to go for a walk.” She kindly says. Now of course, I am abit hesitant to say yes or no. In few minutes, I will be going to the gym and spend at least two hours working out. By the time I get back home definitely I will be exhausted, let alone the heavy traffic on my way. If I say yes, she will be pleased, but I will be exhausted; and if I say no, she will complain and I will have a bad ending of my good start day. In short, It is a yes, I will please her and go. I have cancelled going to the gym so I can be on time for her. An attractive laid out dinner is calling me. Potato bechamel with minced beef and cottage cheese melted on top for a golden brown layer with broccoli. Feeling lazy, I tell her that I am ready to go for the walk. “Love…I know I asked for this but may be we can do it tomorrow because I really lost the mood.” she tells me. Confused, I get… A loser I have become. No gym, no walk. Awaiting for a new day. (Shaddad al Musalmy)

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