I love weekends: MEN THE VICTIMS – Shaddad al Musalmy

I love weekends. Having hosted visitors yesterday, my wife is exhausted. I love the way she cares for visitors. She has this warm and loving heart and I am thankful for that. I do not want to wake her up. I feel for her ; and besides why wake her up to make me breakfast yet it is a Thursday? I know I will be home before she even notices my absence. I kiss her goodbye but being in deep sleep, she does not know it. There is good news at work. We are shifting to a better building. I adore my new boss. His thoughts are profound. Honestly, I never liked the environment of my work place, but now things are going to be different and I shall not disappoint him. I always share any news with my wife first ; whether good or bad and so I text her and I know once she wakes up she will respond. There is nothing much to do today, I cover my event, head onwards to pay my utility bills, and then to the barber shop. It is a weekend, I am going to be home and with her, so looking good for her is one of the priorities. I am back home and as she is getting our plates ready, my son needs to make a short call, my wife, being busy in the kitchen, she asks me to help him. I call him but he keeps jumping up n down instead of coming straight to the loo. I suddenly shout at him which annoys his mother. She complains about it and to cool everything down, I don’t respond. When she yells at him, I never say a word but if I do, you can just understand what happens. She says I am the best father but when I yell at him, which is once in a while, I immediately turn into ” an irresponsible and heartless father” Anyway, at least I am served with a nutritious balanced meal, Rice, Fish slice, avocado and peas. I excuse myself because I am so sleepy and yet at seven thirty, I have a friendly football match to play. It is eight thirty. A strange headache is hammering me. My son is constantly asking me to wake up. Unfortunately, I did not make it for soccer but I take them both( my wife and son) for a long relaxing walk. She likes walks but along organised avenues and well planned houses she says they make her feel healthy productive and creative.

(Shaddad al Musalmy)

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